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 The CPI Index-Categorizing Evidence

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POD John
POD John

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PostSubject: The CPI Index-Categorizing Evidence   Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:43 am

The Collins Paranormal Index is an evidence categorization method composed of eight levels. Here is an explanation of these levels which should prove helpful is designating the significance of your findings.  At POD, we don't present anything under a CPI 3 as evidence.  


  • CPI 0
    No data or activity of any sort is experienced at a location

    CPI 1 Environmental Anomalies – any type of minor fluctuation or manipulation of the immediate  area.  For example: flickering lights;  EMF    surges;  power fluctuations; cold/hot spots etc

    CPI 2
    General EVPs - the location produces  EVPs of a general or random nature which are NOT in response to any questions asked

    CPI 3
    Direct EVPs -  the location produces EVPs which DO respond specifically to questions asked

    CPI 4
    Primary Grouping – any combination of two or three of  CPI 1, CPI 2, or CPI 3.  A location that presents the required combination automatically becomes at least a CPI 4

    CPI 5
    Intelligent Environmental Manipulation- the location presents evidence of an intelligent presence upon request.  For example: a knock or rapping is produced at the request of the investigator or a sensation of touch at one’s request. Any activity must be upon request to fit this index level.
    Activity NOT occurring at one’s request would most likely be debunked or relegated to CPI 1.However, activity NOT occurring at one’s request MAY be placed at this level if it is of a significantly “violent” or noticeable nature or is such that natural explanations are extremely unlikely. Such activity must be fully documented

    CPI 6
    Visual Evidence - Any type of visual evidence such as video, still photos, or personal sightings witnessed by more than one person

    CPI 7
    Physical Manipulation – the obvious movement of objects in the environment by intelligent design. For example: objects are thrown;  items levitate; electrical appliances operate on their own accord.
    A request for this activity on the part of the researcher is NOT required. Strange odors and aromas could also be placed in this category.If the researcher is unsure as to whether movement is due to  intelligent design, the activity may be relegated to CPI 6

    CPI 8
    Secondary Grouping – any combination of one or more  Primary Group CPI 4 (CPI 1, CPI 2, or CPI 3) levels AND any one or more of CPI 5, CPI 6, or CPI 7  OR  any two or more of CPI 5 CPI 6 or CPI 7


Explaining the scale
Though this scale excludes things that have natural explanations, this index DOES include events which remain unexplained. All events that cannot be explained by natural causes are then placed into the appropriate category. As you move up the scale, the types of activity that you'll be experiencing should be more and more rare. Like most things in this field, this outline is a guideline designed to aid investigators in classifying evidence and nothing more.  

Use it to your advantage!
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PostSubject: Re: The CPI Index-Categorizing Evidence   Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:49 am

That should be quite helpful.
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The CPI Index-Categorizing Evidence

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