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 Mental Illness and the Paranormal

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POD John

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PostSubject: Mental Illness and the Paranormal   Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:58 pm

I have been asked on more than one occasion if I believe that some people with mental illness are actually experiencing paranormal occurrences. I'll start by saying that whether it is or it isn't, mental illness is certainly nothing to mess with. Most of the time the connection is brought into question when dealing with people that suffer from paranoia or hallucinations. Unfortunately, these people are also quite susceptible to the power of suggestion. The more they focus on the things that are tormenting them, the more they will experience these things.

It is my opinion that people with diagnosed (or assumed) mental illness should not be the subject of any investigation. Even if there is a connection most people are not equipped to help these people after their situation has worsened. It goes without say that these situations can also bring about a certain amount of danger to the investigator.
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Madi J.


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PostSubject: Re: Mental Illness and the Paranormal   Thu Jul 11, 2013 1:17 pm

I agree that any evidence or accounts of the paranormal obtained from someone with diagnosed mental illness are something to shy away from for any investigator. The first thing to undermine any attempts you have at producing proof/evidence for the public to grasp onto to, is associating it with a mental disorder.

On the other hand I have always felt that people with mental illness share the same sort of lack of mental barriers that are often seen in children and the elderly. Those of us adults with natural barriers we are not only de-sensitized to the things that go bump in the night but we  are quick to over complicate things. Like the question 'How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?'. As most adults would say it would have to be some sort of humongous walk-in fridge and we would need some sort of lure, probably in the form of food and why the heck do we want an elephant in a refrigerator? A kid would simply say, open the door and put it in! Since personal experiences and 'strange' feelings seem to be what the majority of the paranormal consists of, it is plausible to think that anyone with a simpler mental capacity is more susceptible to these things. Now this doesn't mean that I believe that every person with a mental illness is hard-wired into the realm of the paranormal. I just think that occasionally their claims have weight and should be considered, but not relied upon.
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Mental Illness and the Paranormal

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