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 What's that Solar activity box for?

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POD John
POD John

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PostSubject: What's that Solar activity box for?   Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:22 pm

It is a commonly known theory that entities consist simply of energy for one reason or another. It is also theorized that entities gather ambient energy to manifest themselves in one way or another. If this is true, then surely they can gather energy from excess solar activity.

There are varying levels of solar and geomagnetic, and this little widget tracks those levels for us. When I do my investigations I record the activity for future reference. If I capture any paranormal activity on days where solar and geomagnetic activity are higher than usual on a regular basis, then it might be safe to assume that the theory holds some water. Either way, these energy sources are something we should pay attention to in order to better understand their application, and that widget will allow you to do so.

The weather widget and the moon phase widget are applicable in the same way. By documenting the status of each of these things while on an investigation, you may be able to discover a pattern or desirable environment for activity and can schedule investigations as such. Keep in mind that the conditions that you might find to be beneficial might not be so beneficial in other areas.

Feel free to use these resources to your advantage as you investigate. These are popular widgets on paranormal websites and are easy enough for the novice to copy and paste, but for those who donít already have access to these things they may prove useful.
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What's that Solar activity box for?

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